About the Book

Since the year 2000 I have given two courses at Stockholm University on
financial mathematics: one on derivatives and the other on portfolio

I have made an attempt to treat the subject in such a way that the theory and
the reality become two sides of the same coin. Also, I have tried to make the
text mathematically rigorous but without using mathematical concepts that are
unnecessarily advanced. Therefore I have used the mathematics I think is
relevant for our purposes - no more no less.

This book is the result of this.


The following review can be found in International Statistical Review, Volume 77 Issue 1, Page 149:

Readership: Students of mathematical finance, actuarial science and financial engineering but
also practitioners in financial industry.

This charming book is intermediary between more advanced financial/investment mathematics
books and introductory material. In addition, it provides simultaneously mathematical rigor and
practicality. This is in contrast to many superficial books aimed at investment professionals. The
authorís comments "I use the mathematics I think relevant for our purposes - no more no less"
and the idea to follow real stocks in order to test the methods describes this book pretty well.
The level is suitable for upper undergraduate and graduate in many fields but students should
have some mathematical maturity. Professionals presumably like the clarity and compactness. I
found this book useful both for teaching asset management and for self-study.

Lasse Koskinen, The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority

Another, longer review can be found here at MAA Online.

For more details about the book check out the Contents with Comments
and the Wiley website or Amazon (where you also can find read excerpts).